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Duplicate document review optimization solution.

Document-level duplicates remaining in the review corpus after family-level deduplication result in inefficient, inconsistent, redundant, expensive, and time-consuming review work. ReviewSmart is Lighthouse’s automated review optimization solution for rapid and efficient disposition of duplicate documents that survive initial family-level deduplication. ReviewSmart analyzes a user-defined data set and identifies all document-level duplicates within. From there, it bundles them into unique groups with a single document from each duplicate group being reviewed and redacted, and then it propagates this coding to the duplicates.


Helps the review team quickly locate, review, and code large numbers of document-level duplicates, removing them from the review process at the outset, thereby shortening the review phase, often substantially.


Ensures the review team’s coding is the same for all duplicate documents, and helps them identify and address coding inconsistencies between the auto-propagated duplicates and their families.


Allows the review team to prioritize their duplicate review as well as choose which coding and redactions are propagated according to the team’s requirements.


Offers a user-directed, but automated solution for duplicate review and propagation of coding and redactions.

“ReviewSmart accelerates review by helping you to code and remove duplicates at the outset, often up to 25-35% of your data set.”

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