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Unrivaled chat messaging review solution.

ChatSmart is a comprehensive processing and review solution specifically built to address the complexities of chat, text/SMS/MMS, instant messaging, and collaboration platform communications. It combines unmatched innovation with a deep understanding of the particular challenges presented by these kinds of dynamic technologies, and allows rapid, efficient, and complete review of messaging data, backed by subject matter experts who support and guide you throughout the process. ChatSmart is the only solution you will want to rely on for chat and text messaging.


ChatSmart is the only solution purpose-built from the ground up to address the complexities of chat and text messaging, and similar collaboration technologies.


After analyzing a sample data set, the ChatSmart parser can be optimized for data from many messaging formats and storage environments. Messages are massively deduplicated and completely reassembled in context for easy review.


ChatSmart allows a deeper analysis of messaging data than is available from any other tool. Entire conversations are reviewable in an integrated Relativity viewer.


ChatSmart parses, reduces, and defragments many chat, text, instant messaging, and collaboration tool data to help you uncover the important data.

ChatSmart routinely reduces the messaging review corpus by
30-60%, with up to a further 9% reduction by dynamically filtering ‘noise’ data.

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