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AI-enhanced Document Review

Lighthouse Prism uses cutting-edge, big data analytics technology along with expert insights and workflow consulting. The results? Faster, more consistent, and less expensive ediscovery and document review, at scale.

Unlock the power of AI

Organizations are paying too much for inefficient and inconsistent document and privilege review. When each new matter is handled in isolation, duplicate data is reviewed over time, documents are inconsistently coded across matters, and valuable insights are left untapped. And to avoid the risk of inadvertently producing privileged documents, a significant number of attorney hours are spent reviewing documents that do not contain privileged information. With Prism, you get a unified view of your portfolio while unlocking AI-powered predictive results with consistency and cost savings.

Faster document review

Prism gives you predictive recommendations, actionable data trends, and portfolio-wide knowledge transfer that seamlessly integrate into your current workflow to accelerate review.

Remarkable cost savings

A nuanced analysis of your portfolio lowers costs with privilege detection and junk document reduction. And Prism comes with expert guidance to help inform your strategy.

Cross-matter consistency

Unify matter data across your portfolio for coding consistency and sensitive data recognition. With Prism, you can code-in review best practices and start benchmarking.

The Prism effect

Prism can save you time and money spent on ediscovery and document review. Here’s how much a multinational pharmaceutical company found they could save on just one matter with Prism.









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