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Flexible eDiscovery Pricing

Rely on predictable ediscovery pricing and cost recovery to achieve significant savings and complete visibility into spend.

Pricing Options to Meet Your eDiscovery Needs

Lighthouse helps you save time and money, as well as reduce risks related to ediscovery management, by ensuring quality, providing security, lowering spend, and delivering expert guidance. We work to create a customized playbook for each client that outlines specific processes for the ediscovery workflow so that you understand how to efficiently and effectively navigate each stage of ediscovery. Lighthouse tailors our services to provide a range of support – giving you flexibility, cost predictability, and workflow continuity.

Managed Services for Corporations and Law Firms

Our managed services program operates as an extension of your legal team, ready to pick up the case whenever and wherever we are needed, because some clients prefer to take an active role in their ediscovery, while others seek out more comprehensive offerings.


Realize the power of best-in-class ediscovery applications like Relativity, Nuix, and Brainspace, along with access to Lighthouse’s ground-breaking proprietary technologies like Spectra, Prism, and SmartSeries, with no need to invest in hardware or software.


Gain unprecedented access to our leading legal and technology teams, including expert consulting services and Lighthouse Focus. These specialists have decades of experience delivering customized, proven, and repeatable ediscovery processes, as well as playbooks that drive efficiency, quality, and cost control.


Trust in our transparent, documented ediscovery processes that detail every step of our operation, with a standard operational quality rate at 99.8%. We are obsessed with delighting our clients.

Benefits of Flexible Pricing


Pick the technology and services that meet your needs, and we will bundle services into one recurring price.


Get the best pricing available, with fixed fees for cost savings and transparency.


Achieve significant savings and complete visibility into your spend through matter-specific metrics your team can leverage for cost recovery.


Leverage a custom solution designed specifically to meet your process requirements.


Utilize a wide variety of best-in-class technology when your case demands it.


Access a deep bench of specialized experts that can supplement your team as needed.


Ready to talk with a team member about flexible pricing options?