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eDiscovery Services

With the practical perspective of years in the industry, our legal and technology professionals help our clients assess risk and arrive at a reasonable, defensible approach to each case.

The cost and inefficiency of traditional ediscovery is astronomical. Lighthouse isn’t in business to capitalize on this process, but to apply a blend ingenuity and deep expertise toward relieving some of this burden for our clients. Based on this mission, we have successfully partnered with many of the world’s largest multinational corporations and law firms to improve the quality and efficiency of ediscovery processes, solve data challenges, and minimize their bottom line costs so that they can focus their attention on what really matters – the case.

Enabling the entire EDRM

Lighthouse’s legal and technology professionals help our clients assess risk and arrive at a reasonable, defensible approach to each case. With the practical perspective of years in the industry, we significantly cut clients’ ediscovery costs while improving the quality of their ediscovery process.


Preservation and Collections

Our professionally certified collections team collaborates with your internal technologists to assist with collecting your data with an efficient, defensibly sound methodology that is optimized for integration with our internal processing and review solutions.

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Experience industry-leading processing capabilities, including full customizability to tailor your data how you need it with turnaround times that set a new bar in the industry, regardless of matter size.

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Deploy our inventive strategies to facilitate early case assessment, accelerate processing, and reduce your data volumes by as much as 85%. Through the use of Lighthouse’s innovative Intelligent Case Assessment (ICA) workflow, you are able to simultaneously analyze and reduce your data, and optimize your workflows.

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Minimize your review volume through a combination of our advanced suite of review solutions. Our team of former review attorneys are available to help you by recommending, guiding, and applying technology solutions to your review, substantially reducing your review corpus, and collapsing both the time and cost of your linear review.

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Leverage our scale and capacity to produce your documents among the millions of pages we produce per day – on time and error free.

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Support Services

Project Management

Our project management teams, made up of experienced industry experts, are here to ensure consistency and quality throughout every stage of your project workflows. They offer guidance and help develop workflows, select and optimize solutions, and assist with every phase of your matter’s requirements.


Monitor trends and conducting evaluations of ediscovery process effectiveness within and across matters with Lighthouse’s reporting solutions.

Managed Services

Lighthouse offers flexible ediscovery solutions to suit your risk, budget, and workflows. Because some clients prefer to take an active role in their ediscovery solutions, while others seek out more comprehensive solutions, Lighthouse is able to tailor our services to provide a range of support, from completely self-service functionality, to a full, project manager-driven, ediscovery workflow, and anything in between – giving you flexibility, cost predictability, and workflow continuity.

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