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Data Collection

Reliable, consistent collection services, no matter the size, location, or platform.

Data Collection Principles

The basic data collection principles are knowing what to collect (custodian and non-custodian data sources), where to collect (device, on-premises server, and/or cloud), and how to collect (administrative features versus third-party technology).

Data Collection Services

The ever-growing variety of data sources that must be preserved and analyzed presents an industry-wide challenge. This broad array of data sources, combined with technical variables, geographic locations, and logistical constraints, results in additional complexity to today’s collections projects.

Our digital forensics team partners with you in locating, preserving, and collecting the data you need as efficiently as possible, leveraging a defensible solution while focusing on saving time and money.

Remote and Full-Service Onsite Data Collection


Our in-house team performs collections either onsite or from our secure lab. This approach offers maximum certainty and legal defensibility, while minimizing the resource commitment needed from your IT teams.


This cost-effective alternative works especially well in a remote work environment with geographically dispersed custodians. A remote collection approach provides you with a flexible solution that minimizes work disruptions for custodians.


We consult with your IT team to develop and document a methodology for each unique matter. This service enables your IT staff (or custodians) to perform the bulk of the work while our experts handle any subsequent testimony, resulting in reduced collection costs.

Cloud Collaboration Platforms

Keeping up with SaaS data sources such as Slack and Teams is challenging because these platforms introduce new troves of discoverable information that require specialized workflows. We’ve streamlined the collection and post-collection processes needed to handle these data sources to ensure comprehensive collections, ease-of-use, and flexibility during review, and defensibility during production. Lighthouse offers configurable chat transcript unitization, where we take the upfront step of marrying all modern attachments, also known as cloud-linked documents, to parent chat messages so that they don’t appear to be missing in downstream steps.

Mobile Device Collection

Our team conducts mobile device collections for all brands and models of tablets and smartphones. We use licensed, industry-leading software solutions, and our team has significant experience with investigations and analysis involving mobile device forensic artifacts.

Unique and Uncommon Data Sources

We regularly handle various types of “atypical” data, managed through our forensics lab processing workstations that run Windows, Mac, and numerous types of Linux installations. Some data sources examples include:

  • Document management systems, SharePoint, several proprietary and commercially available wikis, archiving systems
  • Cloud sources including Google Docs, Gmail, Box and Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Various chat sources such as Bloomberg and Skype

Contact Us

Contact our Data Collection team today about questions or to discuss scoping a collections project.