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Digital Forensics

Today’s diverse, voluminous, and often complex data sources contain a wealth of evidentiary information that exists beyond the scope of traditional document discovery. There is a lack of technical expertise and an uncertainty around how to prioritize forensic analysis, leading to wasted time and money.

Forensics Investigation Analysis

Lighthouse provides industry-leading expertise and access to the latest tools and techniques to ensure an efficient process. Our forensic experts leverage a wide variety of methodologies and techniques to address the specific fact pattern in each client engagement and consult with you to design an appropriate work plan and budget for your team.

Data Collections

The ever-growing variety of data sources that must be preserved and analyzed is an industry-wide challenge. Lighthouse’s experts partner with you in locating, preserving, and collecting the data you need accurately. Discover more about our collection

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Expert Services

Highly regulated and litigious organizations must be prepared to defend their processes. They have to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable in the field, apply that knowledge to the situation at hand, and communicate technical processes in a way that is easily understood, as well as overcome key obstacles that the opposing party may present.
Lighthouse acts as an extension of your team, understanding not only the details of your data and operations, but also understanding the nuances of your corporate culture and strategic objectives. This allows our experts to fairly and effectively represent your interests in court, before a regulator, or in a deposition. We offer three types of experts:

Subject-matter experts
Testifying experts
Opinion experts

With Lighthouse Expert Services, you can be confident that your litigation and regulatory strategy will be proactive, defensible, and up-to-date.

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Departing/Onboarding Employees

Litigation as a result of data theft and loss continues to rise due to the leaking of confidential information, the risk of disputes with new hires, the lack of strategic interpretation, and more.
Our team combats these challenges by designing and implementing defensible and repeatable solutions to guard against the risk of departing or onboarding employees misappropriating confidential information. Our solution consist of the following:

A phased analysis
Standardized reporting
High-quality testimony
Fixed pricing

Lighthouse helps protect your most valuable assets by taking proactive measures to keep data within your walls where data has been compromised, and alerting you to the facts so you can mitigate the risk associated with departing or on-boarding employees.

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Red Flag Reporting

Let Lighthouse alert you of the risk associated with a departing employee taking data from your network or a new employee bringing data from their last employer.

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