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Lighthouse ECA and
ECA with Focus Discovery

Our offerings for early case assessment combine industry-leading technology and workflows with the option of support from our best-of-breed team of experts. We do the heavy lifting to get insights faster so that you can focus on your strategy to win.

Early insight is critical to success.

Gaining early access to case data has increasingly become a challenge, making it more difficult to properly identify opportunities and effectively develop a proactive strategy for winning. With today’s large data volumes, finding the right facts can be a costly and time-consuming exercise in search.

Lighthouse early case assessment solves for these challenges by quickly surfacing the most relevant information so you can spend your time crafting legal strategy.

Find the facts that matter most.

Having critical facts early can make all the difference, informing decisions that could ultimately determine the outcome of any case.

Lighthouse ECA serves up the most relevant information to give you the insight you need to make informed decisions. Our ECA solution enhances Relativity by providing an easy-to-use interface for searching, analyzing, and tagging case data, and it leverages the power of Relativity and Brainspace to process data so that you can quickly identify trends, locate information of interest, and drill into specific details.

Align costs to your strategy.

The expense of preservation, collection, and review have shifted efforts toward data assessment and management rather than keeping the focus on case strategy.

Lighthouse ECA integrates into our existing workflow, allowing you to perform preliminary, case-specific culling before incurring the cost of review. This enables you to align costs to your case strategy and avoid unnecessary spend. Once ECA is complete, data and work product move seamlessly into review, creating a smooth, end-to-end ediscovery process.

Keep your focus on strategy, not technology.

Pairing Lighthouse ECA with our Focus Discovery services adds the industry-leading expertise of Lighthouse’s team of linguists, lawyers, and technologists who are equipped to find key data faster using the most advanced analytics tools available. With Focus Discovery, clients can avoid the lift and ramp-up time required to learn how to use the tools; our experts have mastered the technology so that you can stay focused on case strategy.

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