Powerful SaaS solution that streamlines your ediscovery workflows in one easy-to-use, scalable, and low-cost experience.

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Delivers unparalleled flexibility to manage eDiscovery how and when you want it, on a scalable and secure platform.


Bundles Nuix, Relativity, and eCapture into one modern and easy-to-use interface, without any implementation cost of maintenance support.


Comes with on-demand expert assistance for as much guidance as you need.

Leverage industry leading tools in one easy-to-use solution.

Access the processing power of Nuix, the document review capabilities of Relativity, the imaging finesse of eCapture, and engineering automation of Lighthouse’s middleware for unfettered access to begin processing and analyzing your data.

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“Great hybrid. It’s not like technology solutions where there’s no support and you’re on your own, but it’s not like a full service where we have to hand everything over.”

-General Counsel at Fortune 50 Financial Services Company

Manage eDiscovery when and where you want

Lighthouse Spectra is deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud to provide a scalable, highly available, and secure environment for mission-critical operations. Use secure controls to run as many separate matters as you want, including your sensitive internal investigations, with speed and confidentiality.

Spectra is also seamlessly integrated with Office 365 to optimize your eDiscovery workflow and enable essential business automation. The tool automatically brings review, analytics, and threading data from Equivio in Microsoft’s Advanced eDiscovery directly into Relativity—without ever leaving the Azure environment. It also triages the unsupported data for additional remediation in Nuix or Relativity.

Access on-demand expert guidance

Lighthouse Spectra is the only end-to-end SaaS solution that includes expert assistance at your fingertips. Load data and manage your case independently, lean on us occasionally when you need assistance, or use our team of experts if you need to flip your matter to a full-service eDiscovery experience.


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Take advantage of a predictable pricing model.

In eDiscovery there are often multiple billing triggers and variable costs, which makes budgeting unpredictable. Spectra has a straightforward pricing structure, and a subscription fee that is set based on your requirements.

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