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ReDiscovery Litigation Repository

The biggest challenge to reusing document review work product is that the documents live in multiple law firms and in different systems. But with documents tracked centrally in the Lighthouse ReDiscovery database, our clients can avoid the duplicative costs of processing, reviewing, and imaging when the same document turns up in subsequent litigation.

When the same documents appear in later cases, earlier work product can be applied as appropriate. For example, a document marked privileged in one case need not be included in privilege review for a subsequent case. Similarly, a document tagged for a specific issue might not require responsiveness review in a similar case.

The Lighthouse ReDiscovery Platform captures attorney decisions for reuse in subsequent litigation and can eliminate the need for review of as much as 20% of a document set.

Unlike traditional litigation repositories, ReDiscovery does not require that the documents themselves be stored, and can deduplicate against new document collections. It is particularly effective in serial litigation that repeatedly involves the same issues, custodians, or documents.