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Rob Iuliano

As a Senior Consultant of Advisory Services, Rob is primarily focused on developing technical solutions to resolve information challenges. Rob has over 20 years of industry and advisory experience across a wide range of sectors, as well as deep expertise devising automated and integrated solutions to support legal and compliance programs, including those for ediscovery, privacy, and compliance. Rob is particularly adept at resolving systems, architecture, and infrastructure challenges and working with cross-functional teams to understand the various security, privacy, records, legal, and regulatory issues at hand. Rob is known for his process-driven approach that leverages technology wherever possible to reduce cost and risk.

Prior to Lighthouse, Rob worked with several leading technology service providers, as well as several successful startups such as TADIS and Amici (from creation through acquisition).  During his career, Rob has held positions of innovation and leadership, including at Amici, Xerox, and Lighthouse in various operational and development roles. Throughout, Rob worked with teams across the organization, including those in IT, Finance, Engineering, Privacy, Security, Operations, HR, and Legal.

Rob’s education and background are in the areas of education, electrical engineering, computer science, and systems engineering. He has taught grade-school children how to better leverage technology, coached for nonprofit organizations to help adults obtain better careers with technology, and trained enterprise organizations in defensible usage of ediscovery technology. Individually, he has worked to design new hearing aid systems, develop noninvasive tests for glaucoma, implemented custom interfaces for asset tracking, and automated workflows for governance, risk, and compliance programs.

Rob is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with degrees in Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Community Psychology.  He is a frequent speaker and educator at national events.

On a personal note, Rob started ski racing for New York State at age 5 and continued until he left for college at age 20, where he skied for his college team. At age 28, Rob became the youngest ski instructor to receive a Level 3 teaching certification issued by the PSIA. In addition to skiing, Rob is a competitive and elite rower; he rowed for his college team and now coaches a Masters team. Aside from his athletic prowess, Rob is a modern-day MacGyver – he builds home backup power systems and designs his own electronics (navigation lights for rowing) for fun. Rob lives in Seattle with his fiancé and two German shepherd dogs.

Programming languages:  PowerShell, PHP, JavaScript, SQL