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Martin Carey

Martin Carey

Managing Director of Europe

As Managing Director of Europe, Martin is responsible for providing our multinational clients with impeccable service and innovative technologies in Europe. He is an experienced team-builder and leader, and will focus on building Lighthouse’s international presence in Europe.

Martin has been involved in ediscovery for over 25 years, during which time he has managed and implemented large corporate workflow and document management systems, as well as advised clients on complex, large-scale, multi-jurisdictional litigation and regulatory investigation matters. Martin is an experienced team-builder and leader and will focus on building Lighthouse’s international presence in Europe.

Before joining the Lighthouse team, Martin was a Partner at Proven Legal Technologies (PLT), where he oversaw hundreds of forensic investigations and electronic disclosure exercises, including high profile matters in the financial services sector. Prior to PLT, he spent nine years as the managing director of EMEA and executive committee member for Kroll’s European expansion. At Kroll, Carey built a team of over 100 people engaged in edisclosure and computer forensics.