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Bradley Smith

Director, Advisory Services

As a Director at Lighthouse, Brad brings expertise from over two decades of experience spanning the private and public sectors to every client engagement. His approach is premised on a deep understanding of IT infrastructure, architecture, and software development, coupled with an ability to navigate myriad records, security, privacy, compliance, and legal requirements that can often create barriers to any transformation effort. Brad is adept at working “across the aisle” to bridge stakeholder interests by demonstrating what is possible and practical.

A former Marine, Brad’s early training involved the design and deployment of several mission-critical systems, including as the lead programmer at Marine Corps Base Camp Butler in Okinawa, Japan, and the first deployment of SharePoint in a combat zone in Afghanistan. His role required significant attention to detail and a strict adherence to operating procedures, where even the slightest deviation could place lives at risk. It also required an ability to work under pressure, to act/deliver, and to change course when unforeseen circumstances present themselves. These experiences contribute greatly to Brad’s advisory skills, which are demonstrated mostly through his quick and decisive manner.

Prior to Lighthouse, Brad was an independent consultant to executive teams, including multiple federal agencies, military commands, and at Fortune 100 companies, on compliance, security, and governance policy issues arising in connection with the use of information and technology. Brad formulated growth-oriented organization and information technological advancements to maximize ROI and market share for organizations at various stages of growth – from startups and turnarounds to mergers and acquisitions. In addition to consulting, Brad has worked in-house as a CIO, CTO, and enterprise architect for small and large companies. He has garnered recognition and many professional accolades, and is widely regarded as pioneer, thought leader, and innovator.

Brad comes from a long line of service men and women. Brad’s grandmother was a WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots), and was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal from Nancy Pelosi in 2010 in recognition of her role as one of the first female aviators. While his work has brought him all over the world, he prefers the waterfront of Vancouver, British Columbia, for the food, culture, and lifestyle. Brad currently resides in Bend, Oregon, with his wife, two children, two dogs, and three cats.

Programming Languages:

JavaScript/ECMA, React, Python, Apex, C#, VB, .NET (All Versions), XML Web Services, XML, XSL, ATLAS/AJAX, HTML, COM+, C++, Transact SQL, NoSQL, PL/SQL, ASP 2.0, Object ADA, Pascal, JCL, Natural


  • Advisor, Microsoft Developer Advisory Council (DAC) for SharePoint Products and Technologies
  • Advisor, Microsoft Office Technology Adoption Program (TAP)
  • Four Microsoft SharePoint MVP awards
  • ADA Programmer Training Course Certificate, Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School