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Enterprise SaaS Compliance

Strategically develop and maintain compliance across legal programs in today’s evolving technologies.

Compliance Assurance with Technology ROI

When it comes to SaaS technologies such as Microsoft 365 (M365), we’re hyper-focused on assuring legal programs are compliant while reducing overall costs. Whether you’re already invested in the cloud (M365) or about to make the transition, our industry-leading experts offer comprehensive solutions that enable organizations to make the most of their cloud technology investment, specifically for ediscovery, information governance, and risk management.

Our SaaS Enterprise Compliance Solutions

Our holistic approach to enterprise SaaS compliance is centered on two critical phases, get compliant and stay compliant. We provide clients a solid foundation with relevant education, strategic planning and effective implementation roadmaps, in order to create dynamic legal programs that are simpler to protect moving forward.

As your dedicated partner, our enterprise SaaS compliance solutions are designed to meet you where you’re at and are tailored to your project scope and technology preferences, all while prioritizing your goals, timeframe, and budget.

Get Compliant

Compliance Transformation for Cloud and On-Premises Data

From our in-depth experience with highly regulated and complex multi-geo organizations, we know the level of confidence required to get program-compliant. We’ve curated a collection of our essential compliance solutions to ensure that the fundamentals are always covered at cost-effective prices, while also allowing for customized options that meet your precise needs.

Learn more about your implementation options with our Get Compliant solutions.

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Stay Compliant

Protect your Investment with CloudCompass

Once a solid compliance foundation has been built and implemented, it is important to stay compliant with ongoing monitoring of SaaS product updates and impacts to programs. In an evolving cloud environment, sustaining compliance is arguably one of the most critical aspects of an effective compliance program. CloudCompass, our member subscription offering, is designed to keep legal teams informed and enabled, proactively mitigating risk to keep programs compliant.

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A Lighthouse expert is available to answer questions about SaaS compliance in M365.