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Patented, automated redaction assistant.

Redacting privileged, personal, or confidential information on documents in anticipation of production can be an imprecise, clumsy, time-consuming process that risks the possibility of missed or inconsistent redactions.

RedactSmart is Lighthouse’s patented solution for easy, reliable, document redaction. Leveraging a powerful combination of searching, reporting, and automation, RedactSmart offers redaction and QC workflow management via a user-driven dashboard interface that allows your team to quickly and reliably redact the same content across the data set consistently, and protect sensitive information.


Provides real-time visibility and centralized workflow management, allowing managers to move quickly through the redaction and QC workflows to ensure their team’s effectiveness.


Saves you time and money on your ediscovery work through powerful, automated, and consistent bulk redaction abilities.


Enables the review manager to verify that the same redactions are applied in the same way, wherever needed, across the data set.


Easily adapts to existing workflows, allowing the review team to work the way they want to.

Using RedactSmart, a client was able to draw and QC 867 redactions in less than an hour.

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