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eDiscovery Technology

Our approach to technology has three basic elements: we deploy best-of-breed third-party software; our industry experts build innovative processes around those third-party tools; and we develop proprietary middleware to extend and enhance those technologies.

With a three-part approach—superior technology, innovative processes, and proprietary applications—we create solutions that set us apart from our competitors.

Current ediscovery tools have pushed beyond what was cutting-edge just a few years ago—for example, processing that used to take weeks now takes just hours. Technology evolves quickly. That’s one reason we license multiple third-party tools: we can always take advantage of the best, most current technology. We continually vet new software to stay on top of developments and add to our solutions. Lighthouse clients get the benefit of the best tools on the market without the need to research, invest in, support, and maintain software in-house.

We select only third-party software with open APIs. Our engineers then develop middleware that integrates and enhances software from different best-of-breed providers. This hybrid approach offers both the quality of purpose-built point solutions and the smooth workflow of an end-to-end platform. Our middleware accelerates the flow of data and answers standard or custom client needs. Because it doesn’t depend on any specific third party tools, we can take advantage of improvements as platforms continue to evolve.

Lighthouse Spectra

Lighthouse Spectra is a powerful SaaS solution that streamlines ediscovery workflows in one easy-to-use, scalable, and low-cost experience. This new solution combines the processing power of Nuix, the document review capabilities of Relativity, the imaging finesse of Ipro, and engineering automation of Lighthouse’s middleware.

Lighthouse Navigate 

Navigate is our web-based dashboard and reporting tool that gives on-demand visibility into case information such as data volumes, cost savings, and spend. This matter intelligence allows you to make informed case decisions, create more accurate budgets, and implement and monitor effectiveness of matter and cross-matter processes.

Lighthouse SmartSeries

Lighthouse has developed several proprietary solutions aimed at reducing our cleints’ overall ediscovery cost. The Lighthouse SmartSeries prepares data for review with an eye to reducing review time and cost. It is fully integrated with third-party review platforms, including Relativity and Brainspace, so that reviewing attorneys can work efficiently in a familiar interface.

Technology Partners

We continually research the market to be sure we are using the best available tools. Lighthouse licenses multiple providers’ software, selecting the best application for each specific task in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model. Our technologies include Nuix, Equivio, kCura(Relativity), Clearwell, Catalyst, IPRO, and LAW.

Lighthouse Middleware

With proprietary Lighthouse middleware and the best third-party software, Lighthouse creates workflows that are faster and more reliable than competing approaches. We select third-party software with open API’s; our engineers then seamlessly integrate software created by Lighthouse to enhance and expand the capabilities of those systems.

Lighthouse Secure Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art SOC 2-certified data centers provide reliable and secure data hosting services to our clients. We provide multiple layers of security, protecting against intrusions and maintaining sophisticated structural and environmental controls. Our security protocols have been vetted by Fortune 10 corporations.