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In addition to our experienced legal and technology experts, Lighthouse utilizes defensible workflows based on best practices to ensure a seamless client experience, without sacrificing the complexity and sophistication needed to handle your ediscovery challenges. Further, rather than offering a single monolithic tool and workflow, we tailor our process to make the most of our clients’ internal resources. You can select as much or as little as you need from our solutions and expertise so your team can do what it does best.


Lighthouse utilizes technology to reduce the number of steps required for document review. We have created innovative applications in the hosting space that improve your review process by reducing the number of documents needing eyes on review. Our SmartSeries suite of solutions incorporate best-in-class technology, developed by both our technology partners and our team of in-house innovators, to make the review process more efficient and effective. SmartSeries makes quick work of otherwise time and labor-intensive review phases, allowing you to concentrate your review resources on the intelligent work of case development. From document deduplication to email threading and suppression of lesser-included threads, SmartSeries position your review team for maximum efficiency. Additionally, SmartSeries accelerate repetitive tasks like redaction and bulk coding with automated propagation, and provide intuitive, user-friendly privilege log creation.

Focus discovery

The traditional linear review process results in unnecessary review time and expense. Often, directing a technology-driven data reduction process is not a core competency and resources are limited.

In order to combat these challenges, the Focus Discovery team uses technology assisted review (TAR) to make a substantive determination of responsiveness. These mass determinations allow our team to both accelerate the rate at which we reduce the number of documents left for traditional linear review and categorize and prioritize the remaining data. Additionally, the Focus Discovery team’s substantive case analysis and deep understanding of the TAR technology allows them to provide more strategic, proactive recommendations to streamline the TAR. See one example of our team’s impact below:

$292,500 savings

With Focus Discovery, we only charge for the documents we eliminate, so your savings always outweigh your costs.

Review Support

Occasionally, Lighthouse is asked to manage the entire ediscovery experience, including document review. Although Lighthouse does not provide document review services, we are able to partner with carefully vetted, leading review companies for linear review services. We don’t “own” the review component, but we have developed effective workflows and QC processes with our partners that ensure efficient and accurate review.

You can discuss your requirements for review support with your project management team on the kickoff call, or any time the need arises.

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