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Data Strategy & Workflow Consulting

Sometimes proportionality is forgotten in the rush of ediscovery deadlines. But counsel need to make educated decisions—not only about everything that can go wrong, but about the cost of avoiding every conceivable risk. Every case presents a different profile of risk and potential cost; the right approach is both proportional to the stakes in litigation and consistent with the client’s broader objectives.

Lighthouse’s legal and technology experts bring years of practical experience to consult with our clients in this assessment. We encourage a realistic approach to discovery—not one based on risk avoidance alone. We are keenly aware of the need to mitigate cost as well as risk. We apply our expertise to help our clients prioritize objectives and find solutions that are both cost-effective and legally defensible.

Review is the most expensive element of ediscovery by a wide margin. We specialize in cutting overall cost by minimizing the number of documents to be reviewed, then maximizing reviewers’ productivity. Going beyond traditional methods of standard processing and search terms, Lighthouse helps reduce data sets—often by as much as 90 percent. In addition, we advise clients on specific data issues, advise on keyword searches, sample search terms to determine effectiveness and accuracy, advise on alternative data reduction strategies, and apply technology to cut downstream costs of hosting and review. We also provide robust reporting and thorough data analysis giving clients early visibility into their data. The result is a review set that is focused, relevant, and organized for efficient review.

Lighthouse’s data analysis and robust reporting allows most clients to reduce their collected data by 90% before review.

Whether you need an expert on the best way to achieve your case goals or how to improve your overall ediscovery program, you can rely on Lighthouse to help.