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Lighthouse deploys state-of-the-art data processing solutions, allowing us to handle all your data. Using industry-best technology such as Nuix, Relativity, and Brainspace, as well as our own innovative workflows, we trim inefficiency and front-load meaningful insight into your data to jump-start your understanding of your matter.

Intelligent and Efficient

Your data is processed in Nuix, where initial culling, deduplication, and the application of inclusion and exclusion criteria are performed automatically. The resulting data is then sent to our proprietary Early Case Assessment (ECA) solution, giving you access to your data and allowing you to start making strategic decisions even before the documents are in the review environment.

Forward-Looking and Adaptable

In addition to conventional electronically stored information (ESI), Lighthouse is able to process a vast range of data types, including these increasingly important but technically challenging formats:

  • Audio recordings and voicemail
  • Cell phone text messages
  • Financial services chat messages
  • Online chat/instant messaging

Because specialty solutions are already integrated into our processes, we are able to respond quickly when you need to move your data in-stream faster, so you can start analyzing it sooner.