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Redaction Handling

In cases involving large amounts of personal or confidential business data—such as those in the pharmaceuticals, financial services, or government sectors—or in cases containing privileged material, the burden of redactions can be a huge headache.

Typically, legal teams apply redactions manually by using software to draw boxes on TIFF images. Manual redactions are commonly applied by several reviewers, making the redactions inconsistent and error-prone. This inconsistency can lead to waiving privilege or exposing confidential business or personal information. Even the most sophisticated review tools that allow for automated redactions are unworkable in practice because they require pre-imaging and do not have flexible workflows.

RedactSmart is a patent-pending, Relativity-based solution that addresses these challenges. It empowers reviewers to search for words, phrases, sentences, or other blocks of data across a matter and assists in the redaction of those words or phrases.

RedactSmart also supports searching and automated redaction assistance for Social Security numbers, phone numbers, or other sensitive information that follows a programmable pattern. RedactSmart is very flexible, requires no pre-imaging, and easily integrates into most review workflows.