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Early Case Assessment

Lighthouse offers clients an early case assessment solution based on Nuix Web Review & Analytics. This tool is designed to provide clients with an early glimpse into their data so that they can develop case strategy and align their costs accordingly. Data is available for processing, searching, and review to investigators, lawyers, analysts, experts, and stakeholders in a secure and convenient location.

Easy, Customizable Access

Lighthouse ECA is easy to use for non-technical users, allowing them to search and tag data with sophisticated reporting. There is no need to transfer data to any additional applications – the portal’s easy-to-use interface and dynamic visualizations give teams the tools they need to collaborate and create case strategies built on deep analysis and insight into their data. Users can also set up security controls to protect confidential and sensitive information, delegate compartmentalized access, and administrative management rights to cases, items, groups and application features.


A large part of early case assessment is slicing, dicing, and visualizing data to identify trends, locate important information, and lock down details. Lighthouse ECA allows clients to do just that with the following features:

  • Search, tag and export methods of your choice, including exact, fuzzy, proximity and regular expressions.
  • Filter by file type, media attributes, languages, custodians and other fields.
  • Run multiple processes and reports simultaneously to get dynamic, real-time clues into data trends.
  • Visualize relationships with people, documents and events.
  • Use pivots, reports, and graphics to show breakdowns of file types, document timelines, communication networks, relationships, overlap and more.
  • Identify and produce hot documents quickly, no matter what stage you are in.
  • Use built in PDF reporting with custom native or PDF item renderings for more flexibly.


The Big Picture

Lighthouse ECA takes the power of the industry-leading Nuix processing engine to the next level and provides users with the tools necessary to develop an effective case strategy. This new solution offers enhanced visibility and understanding into data, which allows clients to narrow down the volume of ESI before production and reduce the cost of review.

We provide 24/7 support for Nuix through our experienced Hosted Solutions team with no additional charges for hosting data.