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We understand your fundamental challenge of containing ediscovery costs in the face of an ever-increasing volume of electronically stored information. Even targeted collections capture a large proportion of data that does not need to be processed or reviewed. Combining the industry’s leading technology with our subject matter experts and sophisticated workflows, Lighthouse’s innovative data reduction and analysis services facilitate early data assessment that save time and cost downstream, as well as highlight essential case information.

Intelligent Case Assessment

Key to Lighthouse’s effectiveness is the innovative analysis capabilities integrated into our workflows. Before review, Lighthouse applies our Intelligent Case Assessment (ICA), an innovative search and culling solution, in a unique but familiar format, to arrive at a data set that is focused, relevant, and organized to speed review.

Built by our engineers and advisory services experts, Lighthouse’s ICA uses a customized Relativity environment to allow your team to test, assess, and refine search terms for performance against your data, then apply those terms, and move only the resulting documents of interest into the review environment. This allows faster and more efficient searches and sweeps if you need to modify your search terms later.

Early case assessment

Backed by Brainspace, Equivio, and our team of industry-leading attorneys and legal technologists, we leverage Continuous Active Learning (CAL) and Early Case Assessment (ECA) to provide efficient and prioritized data analysis strategies. Lighthouse ECA™ provides an easy-to-use interface for searching, analyzing, and tagging case data, which allows you to slice, dice, and visualize data so you can quickly identify trends, locate information of interest, and drill down to specifics. Pair that with Brainspace’s real-time visualization, concept clustering, phrase detection, and reporting, and you can expect the support you need to determine project priorities as well as assess risk and cost.

Post-processing analytics

In addition to the above services, our Focus Discovery team can conduct a multidimensional analysis across search terms, file types, and other metadata associated with each data set. From there, we can narrow down your data volume by identifying non-relevant material and making precise substantive recommendations to be applied across the entire set of documents.

Our intelligent, proactive, and front-loaded approach to data reduction and analysis makes your review faster than ever.

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