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eDiscovery Program Assessment and Playbook

With electronic data growing exponentially, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your ediscovery program is fundamental. It is more important than ever that you have a proactive plan to ensure you are prepared for internal investigations and litigation. According to a recent survey conducted by the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC) and the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM), 75% of Global 1,000 companies are vulnerable to fines and sanctions in ediscovery cases because they fail to keep up with data retention objectives. In the same study, 85% of respondents pointed to cross-departmental collaboration as a key to data retention and many blamed a department other than their own for failing to meet objectives. These challenges leave legal departments uncertain about their readiness to act quickly in the face of possible litigation and unable to estimate financial obligations with little visibility into their cost per custodian or matter.

Lighthouse transforms the often time-consuming, disruptive, and chaotic activities of ediscovery for clients with the eDiscovery Program Assessment and Playbook. The eDiscovery Program Assessment measures the condition of your existing plans and tools and provides high-level recommendations to bring your processes into compliance with best practices. The eDiscovery Playbook then dives deeper into documenting the ediscovery lifecycle through a comprehensive, pragmatic, and actionable plan that is specifically tailored to the current state of your program and the needs of your business.

The results are an objective assessment and pragmatic action plan that better prepare you to manage discovery, allow you to respond more efficiently to discovery requests, and lower your risk of delayed productions. Lighthouse’s eDiscovery Program Assessment and Playbook enable you to:

  • Lower overall discovery costs by implementing efficient, effective, and repeatable processes.
  • Understand the current state of your ediscovery program, no matter how new or sophisticated your existing processes may be, and diagnose the next steps for improving your litigation readiness and associated budgeting.
  • Feel confident knowing that your legal and technology teams are ready to act swiftly to address litigation and ediscovery activity by following the step-by-step eDiscovery Playbook.
  • Reduce confusion and frustration across your teams by applying a customized action plan that develops with your program over time.
  • Reduce ediscovery program reliance on outside counsel and take control over obscure billing items by defining and measuring your own program and budget metrics.
  • Leverage an Agile approach to improving your ediscovery program over time at a manageable pace to ensure a disciplined project management process that encourages frequent inspection, adaptation, and alignment with corporate goals.
  • Gain greater control over your data and have fewer business interruptions from discovery requests.

Lighthouse reviewed our internal ediscovery procedures, identified our collections pain points and helped us implement an eDiscovery Playbook. We are now developing more efficient processes where roles will be more clearly defined so that we can confidently execute on a repeatable ediscovery process in future litigation.

Jeff Christianson, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, F5 Networks

The Lighthouse Program Assessment and Playbook better prepare your business to respond efficiently and effectively to litigation. Through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary focus with proven ediscovery models, best practices gleaned from our work with Fortune 100 and Am Law 100 clients, and an Agile framework, we create a program that is actionable, up-to-date, and tailored to your needs. Sign up for the eDiscovery Program Assessment and Playbook today to prepare your business to more confidently proceed into litigation tomorrow.