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Legacy Data Remediation

Maintaining data in legacy platforms and architectures is costly, exposes legal risk arising out of content that can impact litigation or investigations, and delivers minimal business value. However, migrating and remediating complex data is no easy feat.

Lighthouse has a team of experts in various complex data types and enterprise platforms, as well as the regulatory and legal requirements facing even the most heavily regulated organizations. Leveraging a unique combination of legal and technology-based strategies, we can remediate or migrate enterprise data from virtually any source in a defensible and efficient manner tailored to your business needs. Our approach enables you to minimize your business disruption, provide greater accessibility to your data, leverage best-in-class technology, and ultimately lower your risk.

“Nuix is proud to continue to have Lighthouse as a partner when it comes to complex legacy data remediation. By combining their extensive legal knowledge and innovative, client-aligned solutions with the industry-leading processing power of the Nuix Engine, they’ve proven to be a leader in efficiently and effectively managing complex or risky data problems.”

Ethan Threese, CEO of North Americas at Nuix


Find out how Lighthouse can help address your legacy data before it exposes costly risk to your organization.