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Data Protection and Security

Lighthouse has a team of experts to provide data protection and security guidance when and where you need it most. Our global presence and deep expertise enable us to provide practical guidance in the development and implementation of global privacy and security programs including the following:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Organizations need to develop a clear, defensible, and proactive roadmap to ensure compliance with GDPR, as it’s the most expansive and comprehensive data protection legislation enacted in more than 20 years. Having a roadmap that sets forth the various workflows as well as functional ownership and involvement is a critical first step. Let Lighthouse help you map your GDPR journey.
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Dawn raid preparedness

These surprise inspections, investigations, and/or seizures of information present significant legal, regulatory, and business risk for corporations. Having a clear dawn raid strategy enables you to respond in an efficient and timely manner through an intentional and measured approach. Rely on Lighthouse to help define a clear strategy for handling your next dawn raid including subject matter expertise on response strategies and delivery of post-raid ediscovery support for any resulting internal investigations, compliance checks, or audits.

Data subject access requests (DSARs)

Data protection laws grant rights to individuals to see what personal information an organization holds about them and to have that information forgotten if desired. Although burdensome, these requests must be responded to properly and in a timely manner. Lighthouse helps clients proactively map a procedure for managing these requests that will reduce the risk and strain on your organization.

Privacy impact assessments (PIAs)

These systematic assessments measure the potential and ongoing privacy risk of systems and data flows within them surrounding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data. Organizations should perform PIAs regularly in order to minimize risk to data subjects. Lighthouse experts can help ensure your organization is not only performing required PIAs, but implementing privacy procedures and protection as a key component of your data management program.

Incident responses

Responding to a crisis in a haphazard manner can quickly take matters from bad to worse. Lean on Lighthouse to assist your organization in the development and implementation of an incident response plan that will guide your team through the process and procedures necessary to execute an effective incident readiness response.

Data protection and security present significant risk to organizations due to the breadth of their impact and potential for lofty fines. Let Lighthouse lead the way on your journey to building a proactive, clear, and defensible approach to keeping your organization’s data safe.