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Why Lighthouse?

Complex Litigation Experience With Industry-Leading Clients

Our team has collectively worked on more than 5,000 matters with clients including Microsoft, GE, and Cisco, and Starbucks. Lighthouse has long-term partnerships with these folks because we deliver expertise, innovation, and a client-aligned approach that are unique in the industry. 

Experienced, Consistent Client Teams

When it comes to experience, clients have been relying on us for more than 20 years for their discovery needs. This has allowed us to assemble a team of legal and technology experts including attorneys, paralegals, forensic examiners, as well as a seasoned team of technology executives with more than 80 years of operational experience.

We staff each matter with a project management “pod” led by a senior project manager with at least 10 years of experience in ediscovery. Each client works with a consistent team across cases, so that the team develops institutional knowledge and makes sure that our workflows and practices are consistent with the client’s preferences.

Innovative Applications Built on Third-Party Technologies

At the heart of everything we do, we’ve got a culture of innovation. We’ve vetted the best tools on the market, and chosen only tools with an open architecture—meaning that our engineers can make them faster, more efficient, and customized for specific clients and projects. Our proprietary middleware combines the ease of an end-to-end solution with the superior performance of point solutions. The result: our clients save time and money.

Flexible, Client-Aligned Service Model

We offer a tailored approach depending on each client’s preference—not a single rigid workflow. To promote predictable budgets and transparency in billing, we offer alternatives to traditional per-unit pricing models. Our teams work consistently with the same clients, focusing on keeping costs down and making sure that we are carrying out clients’ processes and objectives across matters.