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Lighthouse Participates in Zurich Clean-Up-Day

On Friday, September 13, the Lighthouse Zurich employees rallied together as a team and participated in the seventh annual Clean-Up-Day in Zurich. This event is put on each year by IGSU, a local interest group focused on cleaning up the environment.

The Zurich team were inspired to participate when some of their U.S. team members were planning to host Earth Day Clean Up events in April of this year. One of the team members, Kalina Nikolova, Junior Consultant at Lighthouse, started researching ways the Zurich team could get involved in something similar and found the IGSU’s Clean-Up-Day. She connected with the IGSU and quickly got the Lighthouse team booked for September 13. Once the team was signed up, the IGSU provided event-branded bags and gloves for a small fee, as well as a free poster and yellow vests to use on the day of.

On the actual day, the team set out to clean up the park at Lake Zurich, a local park where folks often go to swim, sunbathe, picnic, BBQ, and hang out. It is home to various species of birds,  fish, and other wildlife. The team focused on this area specifically, as the city has regular clean-up crews that maintain streets and sidewalks, and it can be more difficult to find trash in those areas. Local parks need more attention and these efforts support a larger global issue at large – trash pollution.

The team picked up various items from cigarettes and paper scraps to residual BBQ items and bottles. They received lots of praise and encouragement from folks at the park as well as took some trash off of the hands of folks wrapping up their BBQs that day.

The team not only made an impact on the park and the folks around them, but they spread awareness in the local community about the event as well as enjoyed some quality team bonding time. In all, the team filled several bags with trash and were able to make a positive impact at Lake Zurich. The team genuinely enjoyed the event and plan to participate again next year, perhaps a bit further out in the country where there is less support from the cities’ clean-up crews.

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