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Lighthouse Hosts Bingo for the Pike Market Senior Center

Lighthouse recently volunteered with the Pike Market Senior Center (PMSC) by hosting and participating in their Bingo game. Prior to the event, Lighthouse held a donation drive for Bingo prizes and gathered materials that folks need such as toiletries, clothes, and other household items. Once the materials have been gathered, volunteers walked up to PMSC and helped set up prior to the game’s start.

“It is wonderful to have the support of Lighthouse at our Bingo game because the Lighthouse staff provide fresh faces and new energy to this popular activity,” said Zoe Freeman, wellness engagement coordinator at Pike Market Senior Center & Downtown Food Bank. “They also donate Bingo prizes! We always need Bingo prizes.”

A couple Lighthouse volunteers MC’ed the event and make it as entertaining and exciting as possible for the seniors, while other members of the Lighthouse team spread out and mingled with seniors. Our volunteers talked to the seniors about anything from how their day is going to rough life situations. These interactions allowed Lighthouse to get to know our community better and provide the seniors with a safe space to talk and a friendly ear to listen over a rousing/fun game of Bingo.

“It is important that senior centers have volunteers from the community working with them to make connections with the community at large, so folks don’t feel isolated,” said Freeman. “Volunteers can help engage the older adults with life outside the senior center. They are a bridge to and from the surrounding community.”

The PMSC is open to all seniors over 55, many of which are homeless and low-income locals. The center provides a range of services including healthy meals, access to social workers, fitness activities, wellness services, and fun events such as Bingo. All services offered at PMSC are provided free of charge and are designed to promote healthy aging and stability for older adults.

“It was a wonderful experience getting involved in the community, especially a place that is so close to the office,” said Kendall Thoreson, associate technical project manager at Lighthouse. “Interacting and seeing the happiness on the people’s faces while playing and winning at Bingo was an experience I won’t forget. I was able to take a step back from life and realize to not forget about the small enjoyable things, and that it doesn’t take a whole lot to help others do the same.”

Lighthouse became involved with the PMSC through their ongoing partnership with the Pike Market Food Bank, a partner agency of the senior center. Both of these organizations create a large-scale positive impact on our local community and our neighbors here in downtown Seattle. The company plans to continue to engage with both nonprofits, develop a lasting partnership, and help drive positive change within the city.

For more information about how Lighthouse partners with nonprofits in our hyper-local office location communities, please click here.