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Pike Market Food Bank and Lighthouse: An Ongoing Partnership

During the months of March and April, Lighthouse partnered with the Pike Market Food Bank to give back to the local downtown community. In order to accommodate the diverse work schedules of Lighthouse’s employees, the company worked with the food bank to offer a few different time slots on multiple days. Employee volunteers had the opportunity to either work the line and pass out food, or go ask for donations from Pike Place Market vendors.

“Our volunteer partnerships with organizations like Lighthouse have many impacts…perhaps most importantly, by meeting those we serve and interacting however briefly​ with them, opens hearts and minds to the problem of hunger and poverty in our community,” said Brian Anderson, Manager of Pike Market Food Bank. “Our volunteers leave the food bank ready to share our story more broadly throughout the community, helping to raise awareness among other potential supporters and volunteers. Lighthouse volunteers, who have experienced first-hand what we are doing and who have met those we are serving, are among those passionate advocates.”

The local Pike Market Food Bank handles several hundred visits per week and provides an immense variety and supply of groceries to the elderly, homeless, and working poor within the Pike Place Market and downtown Seattle communities.

“Nothing we do at the Pike Market Food Bank would be possible without our volunteers. Our staff of two full-time employees and one half-time driver simply could not have handled the 35,519 food bank services we provided last year without the dozens of volunteers that donate hundreds of hours of their time to help serve our hungry downtown neighbors.”

Lighthouse has been partnering with the Pike Market Food Bank for the past couple years. So far, in 2016, Lighthouse has donated 62 hours of volunteer time to the food bank.

To encourage community involvement, Lighthouse coordinates a few different community giving campaigns per year and provides employees with volunteer time off to enable them to give back in whatever capacity they choose.

For more information on the Pike Market Food Bank please visit their website. Additionally, for more information regarding Lighthouse’s commitment to community please reach out to