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Lighthouse Unveils Corporate eDiscovery Benchmarking Survey

Company develops a system to allow organizations’ the opportunity to assess their ediscovery programs.

SEATTLE, Wash. (May 12, 2015) – Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled ediscovery services and consulting, today announced the release of their corporate ediscovery benchmarking survey. The company’s experienced consulting team crafted this survey to allow clients to easily understand their current ediscovery state, discover where their ideal state may be, and see how they compare to similar companies. Lighthouse is currently offering online and in-person meetings so that corporations can benchmark their ediscovery programs, gain insight into any gaps they may have, and set clear goals for their program’s future.

“Corporate ediscovery practitioners are under more pressure than ever to responsibly manage their data, be prepared for ediscovery matters, and manage risk,” said Chris Dahl, vice president of product development and consulting at Lighthouse. “In order to achieve these goals, they want to know how their programs compare to other corporations; specifically, what best practices other corporations have employed to help manage these issues. This survey does just that, it provides them with the opportunity to assess their ediscovery program’s current state, benchmark themselves, and see what needs to be done before their next big matter arises.”

In order to create a way for clients to accurately benchmark their ediscovery programs, Lighthouse’s expert consultants, Jason Velasco, Marc Eisner, and Chris Dahl, first had to develop a survey and test it. The team started by recruiting participants, all of which were heavily engaged with or responsible for ediscovery within their organization, from a mixture of corporations, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 5 companies. Lighthouse conducted the survey in a moderated discussion format covering several areas, such as corporate background, ediscovery goals, staffing levels, budget, data sources, and methods of processing, document review, and consulting.

The end result is a survey that allows businesses the opportunity to benchmark themselves and plan future ediscovery objectives. Lighthouse is offering this survey to any corporations interested in assessing their ediscovery program. For more information, please contact

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