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Lighthouse Launches Automated Privilege Log Application as part of PrivSmart 2.0

Company introduces an efficient new way to log, edit, and store quality privilege documents.

NEW YORK (Feb. 3, 2015) – Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled ediscovery services and consulting, today announced that the company has launched PrivSmart 2.0, featuring an automated privilege log generator. This tool is unique in that it automatically creates privilege logs so that corporations and outside counsel do not need to spend time on trivial tasks, such as creating privilege descriptions or manually editing names.

Lighthouse recognizes that a disproportionate amount of time and money is spent on privilege review. The company uses PrivSmart in order to identify documents that are highly likely and unlikely privileged, therefore allowing reviewers to make more accurate decisions about what is truly privileged material. PrivSmart prioritization can speed up review by at least 10 percent, but with the ever increasing volume of privilege documents a more efficient logging process is necessary.

Lighthouse built upon PrivSmart’s privilege review prioritization abilities with the addition of an automated privilege log application that predicts and groups normalized names, creates privilege descriptions, and incorporates participants from lower in the email thread into the privilege log. It provides a central repository inside of Relativity where users can create, edit, and store draft and final PDF privilege logs. In addition, the normalized names can be leveraged in subsequent matters through the tool’s list upload feature.

“Gone are the days of manually editing Excel spreadsheets to create privilege logs,” said Debora Motyka Jones, director of product strategy and counsel at Lighthouse. “By automating the data entry and allowing users to edit and store privilege logs in Relativity, the privilege log generator frees up outside counsel and client spend and allows them to focus on the strategic elements of the case. PrivSmart’s newest advancement saves clients hundreds of hours on large privilege logs.”

Other features of PrivSmart 2.0 include:

  • Automated name normalization process which predicts the appropriate names and consolidates multiple email addresses with one name.
  • Automated privilege descriptions by concatenating review fields into usable phrases.
  • Flexibility for clients who would like to continue to use their preferred log creation and edit entries after the automated process.
  • Centralized creation, editing, and storage of privilege logs so that clients can manipulate draft privilege logs and store final PDF privilege logs all in their review database.
  • Intuitive to use with no need to learn a new technology as the tool is embedded inside Relativity.

“In the age of email and other electronic communication, the sheer number of privileged communications that would need to be included on a traditional privilege log has highlighted the need for a more practical approach to privilege logs,” reported Mitchell Katz and Julie North (2014), of the Commercial Division Committee within the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR).

Our privilege log generator, the latest update to the SmartSeries suite of ediscovery solutions, is provided exclusively through Lighthouse at an introductory price of $.10 per hosted document in a privilege corpus with minimum charges for small matters.  For more information or to use PrivSmart on your next matter, please contact

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